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Discussion-Based Pedagogy

& Curriculum Highlights

Fall 2023 Sessions

Are you curious about the art of teaching discussion-based liberal arts courses? At the Great Questions Foundation, we're excited to introduce our "Discussion-Based Pedagogy and Curriculum Highlights" series—a unique opportunity to explore successful approaches to teaching at community colleges.

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Learn how to get your students talking

Our program is your gateway to discovering the strategies and techniques that make discussion-based classes come alive. We’ll feature community college faculty who have mastered the art of teaching using transformative texts and have led thriving liberal arts programs at their institutions.

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What to Expect

Prepare to gain valuable insights that you can apply directly to your own classrooms. We’re committed to helping you enhance your teaching skills, making your students more engaged and enthusiastic about participating in class discussions.


This opportunity is available to current community college faculty members who teach general education/core curriculum courses at accredited US institutions.

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