Questions that are fundamental
to us as human beings

We believe that general education can be more meaningful and engaging if organized according to questions that are fundamental to us as human beings.

Why teach
the Great Questions?

While career and technical education are integral to the mission of community colleges, general education courses make up the vast majority of courses required by students in almost all degree plans at these institutions. Yet, comparatively little attention has been paid to the nature and meaning of a student’s experience in these general education courses, which are typically organized around distribution requirements. Instead of organizing general education by distribution requirements alone, we believe that it is more meaningful and engaging to organize it according to questions that are fundamental to us as human beings. 


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Discussion-based general education at Community Colleges

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Discover the Great Questions

We envision general education at the community college to focus on helping students become more thoughtful about questions such as the 10 “Great Questions” questions identified below.

Does free will exist?

What is love?

Who am I?

What is justice?

What is the good life?

10 Great Questions

Explore the Texts

What are the texts that faculty might explore with students in a discussion-based classroom that address these great questions most productively, which could be easily integrated into general education courses already present in most community college course catalogues? This is a list of 100 transformative texts that faculty representing 12 different institutions have identified as important in this regard.

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Why these Texts?

The list we present is not intended to be monolithic but reflective of the reaching landscape of texts that raise these important questions across the human quest for the good life. We invite you to explore and engage with the questions these authors raise. While we hope this effort will help make general education more meaningful for community college students, we also hope that the resources here will help any human being learn more about themselves through the guidance of those who productively strove to do the same.

Join Our Workshops

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The Great Questions Foundation organizes course redesign workshops each summer, which are geared toward helping faculty members incorporate the discussion-based study of texts from our list in general education courses at community colleges where they teach. Expect great discussion with community college faculty colleagues from all over the US.