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Community College Is the Future of Liberal Education

It’s time to support the humanities there.

By Ted Hadzi-Antich Jr.
OCTOBER 5, 2023

This perception that community colleges are more oriented toward the trades than the liberal arts is still common, but it’s also outdated and false. The primary function of community colleges in our society has been steadily shifting away from technical and pre-professional education and toward liberal education for some time now. According to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the number of students who completed associate degrees in the liberal arts and humanities at community colleges has reliably…

New York Times

College Students: School Is Not Your Job

By Jonathan Malesic
Sept. 4, 2023

College is a unique time in your life to discover just how much your mind can do. Capacities like an ear for poetry, a grasp of geometry or a keen moral imagination may not pay off financially (though you never know), but they are part of who you are. That makes them worth cultivating. Doing so requires a community of teachers and fellow learners. Above all, it requires time — time to allow your mind to branch out, grow and blossom…

The wall street journal

Great Books Can Heal Our Divided Campuses

By Andrew Delbanco
June 9, 2023

Colleges need more programs where students of different backgrounds can wrestle together with the big questions posed by the humanities…


The Meaning of Success

By Ted Hadzi-Antich Jr.
MAY 25, 2023

In the classroom, students cluster around desks in small groups, considering what Socrates is looking for when he asks Meno, as Plato describes in one of his dialogues, what the very being of virtue is, rather than its various manifestations. What is the thing in itself? The students wonder along with Meno, investigating what they think it means to be a good person while testing the opinions of their peers, guided by Socrates’ learning model of questions and dialogue. This is the sort of exploration you’ll find in this classroom, which is not on the campus of a private liberal arts college in New England but deep in the heart of Texas at Austin Community College (ACC)…

April 10, 2023

A Renaissance from Below

"Confronting these questions is not a luxury; it’s a necessity."

By Ted Hadzi-Antich Jr.
August 18, 2022
Inside Higher ED

Innovating at Scale

How one community college system discarded a cookie-cutter approach to education.

By Steven Mintz
March 1, 2022

How Humanities Play a Vital Role for Community College Students

At Austin Community College (ACC), Ted Hadzi-Antich Jr. leads students in a course called Great Questions. It’s a humanities-based, student-centered discussion class, where classic texts are connected with the students' modern lives.

By Liann Herder